Hi, welcome to my Ohio Plants blog! My name is Kandace Glanville and I’m a third-year studying Wildlife Science in the School of Environment and Natural Resources. I found out about this major from being involved in the Environment and Natural Resources Scholars program here at Ohio State my freshman year. During my second year in the scholars program I was a mentor for a small group of first-years. As well, I took a one-week Avian biology course up at Stone Laboratory the summer after my first year, and became highly involved in the Ornithology Club at Ohio State during my second year. Though I’m still learning how to identify bird species by sight and sound, I’m fairly certain I would like to work as an avian conservation biologist for my future career.

This year, as well as taking classes, I will be working at Kennedy Commons as a Steward Lead, working as a student research assistant in the Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics, volunteering at the bird banding station run by Black Swamp Bird Observatory up in Oak Harbor, Ohio, serving as Secretary for the Ohio State Ornithology Club, and participating when I have time in meetings and events with ENR Scholars as well as the campus organization, Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide. I’m from Gahanna, Ohio which is about 15 minutes East of Columbus, so I’ll try to spend as much time as I can with my family when I’m able to.

Though I’m mainly interested in conservation for wildlife, I’m passionate about preserving all parts of the natural planet. And anyway, in order to manage habitat for animal species, I’ll have to know all of my plants as well. I’m excited for everything I will learn in this course!